Ealing 3 Bridges CC Saturday 2nd XI squad

Saturday 2nd XI

Captain : Dusty Ahmed

With over 150 matches, 3000+ runs, 100+ wickets, Dusty is without a doubt one of the finest and dedicated playing member for Three Bridges CC. He is virtually ever-present in the Three Bridges team. He loves to bat at the top of the order, continues to churn out the runs in all formats of the game and has recorded 4 centuries under his name so far.

His contribution to the club stretches beyond the playing field. Along with leading the Sunday team for 4+ years, he has been actively involved in the general running of the club which includes recruiting new players, grounds-work, and many other maintenance related activities.

His gung-ho attitude, fantastic fielding, and his ability to bowl at any stage of the game makes him one of the most exciting players  to watch out for in the Three Bridges circuit.

“Do as I say… Not as I do “-- Dusty


Vice Captain : Raman Verma

A popular member of the club, loves batting, has good ability as a batsman/opener.
Aniq Khan
Johnny Maraj

Johnny Maraj is a stockily-built right-handed batsman who led Ealing 3 Bridges 2nd XI to their greatest triumph, the 2012 3rd Division Middlesex Championship League. His innovative captaincy gave the team a remarkable victory in the league and a big reason to celebrate. Although he may not have large numbers against his name to catch the eye of stats lovers, he loves to keep the scoreboard ticking with his uncanny ability to scamper the quick singles which is considered essential in one-day cricket.

He is a dominant figure on the cricket field who never shies from confrontation, defending his players and rights to the hilt.  He moved into the administration in 2009 and was appointed as the vice-chairman of the club in 2014.

Abdul Musawer

Abdul Musawer represents the new age Ealing 3 Bridges’ cricketer. An
attacking right-hander and leg spinner who goes for the big shots with
impunity and clears the field with a swashbuckling flourish when at the top of his game.

Musawer is also equally capable of attracting applause as an electric fielder in the circle. Musawer joined Ealing 3 Bridges CC in 2014. He made his mark as a
hard-hitting batsman when he recorded the fasted T20 fifty off 15 balls
against White Stars CC in the T20 tournament. His dazzling all-round show in the tournament was instrumental in Ealing 3 Bridges’ triumph. His impressive showings saw him quickly climb the rungs to the 1st XI team.

A run of patchy scores in Ealing 3 Bridges league squad saw a dip in
Musawer's form, but he replied emphatically with a 50-ball unbeaten 99
against Kingsbury CC to guide his team to a 10-wicket victory in the
Middlesex Championship League

For a player of his ability, Ealing 3 Bridges must hope that Musawer’s best innings are still to be played.

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