Ealing 3 Bridges CC Saturday 1st XI squad

Saturday 1st XI

Captain : Dusty Ahmed

With over 150 matches, 3000+ runs, 100+ wickets, Dusty is without a doubt one of the finest and dedicated playing member for Three Bridges CC. He is virtually ever-present in the Three Bridges team. He loves to bat at the top of the order, continues to churn out the runs in all formats of the game and has recorded 4 centuries under his name so far.

His contribution to the club stretches beyond the playing field. Along with leading the Sunday team for 4+ years, he has been actively involved in the general running of the club which includes recruiting new players, grounds-work, and many other maintenance related activities.

His gung-ho attitude, fantastic fielding, and his ability to bowl at any stage of the game makes him one of the most exciting players  to watch out for in the Three Bridges circuit.

“Do as I say… Not as I do “-- Dusty


Vice Captain : Nareshgir Goswami

Naresh is a medium-fast bowler, capable of swinging the ball, both old and new, at a decent pace. He gave the team a brief glimpse of his talent with his 5 for 49 against Wrarybury CC (2015) and a match winning last wicket 53* against Peshwa CC (2013) which won the game for his team and kept their chances alive in the Middlesex championship league.


With his all-round performance, Naresh made sure his name was always in the reckoning and has consistently been picked in the 1st team since 2013. His style is smooth enough for a pinch hitter and you wouldn’t want to miss it when he nails a big swing!!

Kalyan Chakravarthy

With his relentless aggression, strong wrists and natural timing, Kalyan Chakravarthy is one of the most exciting batsmen in the team today. He is technically sound and loves to make room and thrash the ball through the on side.

Kalyan's abundant talent was never in doubt from the moment he made his debut in 2006. He is amongst the top 5 run scorers and wicket takers for Ealing 3 Bridges. In 2013, he took over the captaincy of Saturday XI team and since then the team has  recorded  a very high success rate.

His move from swing to spin bowling in recent years certainly proved his making as  he exploited his bowling skills with attacking field. 

A definite quality package endorsed by Ealing 3 Bridges with several "Best All Rounder Awards".

Barry Felix

Barry Felix is a natural trend setter, has tenacity and commitment as his greatest allies, and continually encourages his side to get up the opposition's noses, His batting is more artisan than artiste but he is strong square of the wicket and possesses a bustling cover-drive. What Barry lacks in ability, he makes up for with his attitude.


His military medium pace is very effective in any format of the game, where his short run up out swingers fools batsmen into playing too early. He shone with the bat in the game against G.W.R by scoring a 100 not out.  He is a valuable batsman at the death and a player Three Bridges can never let to retire!!!

Farrukh Iqbal

Farrukh joined Three Bridges in 2014 and was consistently picked in the playing 1st XI. Not only that, he was also given the new ball and Farrukh responded handsomely. He can consistently bowl a tight line and length regardless of the batsmen, pitch or ground conditions. His ability to bowl consistently in the channel around off stump stood out more than anything else. That allowed him to be one of the best bowlers in Three Bridges CC

Farrukh also adds a reasonable amount of strength to the middle order. Given certain conditions, he can be one of the more pleasing sights. He prefers to play off the front foot, and produces some sensational hits in the covers and square of the wicket.

Abdul Musawer

Abdul Musawer represents the new age Ealing 3 Bridges’ cricketer. An
attacking right-hander and leg spinner who goes for the big shots with
impunity and clears the field with a swashbuckling flourish when at the top of his game.

Musawer is also equally capable of attracting applause as an electric fielder in the circle. Musawer joined Ealing 3 Bridges CC in 2014. He made his mark as a
hard-hitting batsman when he recorded the fasted T20 fifty off 15 balls
against White Stars CC in the T20 tournament. His dazzling all-round show in the tournament was instrumental in Ealing 3 Bridges’ triumph. His impressive showings saw him quickly climb the rungs to the 1st XI team.

A run of patchy scores in Ealing 3 Bridges league squad saw a dip in
Musawer's form, but he replied emphatically with a 50-ball unbeaten 99
against Kingsbury CC to guide his team to a 10-wicket victory in the
Middlesex Championship League

For a player of his ability, Ealing 3 Bridges must hope that Musawer’s best innings are still to be played.

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